Dr. Christina R. Bourne
email Dr. B
2014-present Assistant Professor, OU  Norman
2007-2013 Associate Research Scientist, OSU
2003-2007 Post-Doctoral Scientist, OUHSC
2003 Ph.D. OMRF / OUHSC

Current Bourne Lab members:

John C. White
Ph.D. candidate
email John


Tamiko Murphy
Undergrad Researcher, BioMed. Eng. major
email Tamiko


Jessica R. Ames
LSAMP scholar
NSF REU student, summer 2016
email Jessica


Julia McGillick
Undergrad Researcher
email Julia



Shandel Chang
Undergrad Researcher
email Shandel


Bourne Lab alumni

Katherine A. Sharp
Ph.D. candidate
email Katie

Dan Griffith
NSF REU student, summer 2017



Liz Hargis
INBRE summer student, 2017



Dr. Meena Muthuramalingam
Postdoc Research Scientist
(and general wizard in the lab)
Current: Research Sci,  KU
email Dr. Muthu

Logesvar Balaguru
FYRE student 2017



Shivani Dabadi
M.S. candidate
email Shivani


Jacob McKinney
Undergrad Researcher
INBRE summer researcher, 2016


Anna Marie Rowell
Former Undergrad Researcher
Current Grad student – way to go!


Dr. Oliver-Kozup
Former Postdoc

Amanda Phillips
FYRE 2016 student



Dr. Phil Bourne
Research Scientist
Current director of the PPC


Ian Pratt
Former Undergrad Reseacher



JeongWoo Lee
Former Undergrad Researcher
Current: PostBac at UT Southwestern


Austin Plank
Former Undergrad Researcher
FYRE student 2015


Sonya Nahid
Former Undergrad Researcher
FYRE student 2015


Kristyn Norris
NSF REU student, summer 2015
Current: grad student at U. Mass. Med.


Kiel Smith
INBRE student, summer 2015



Greg Cox
Former Undergrad Researcher
Current: Med Student at OU Tulsa


Michael McCoy
Former Undergrad Researcher
Current: Med Student at OUHSC (Okc)


Alice Zhang
Former High School Researcher
Current: OU student



Wow, you scrolled all the way to the bottom?  Really?  Well, I’m guessing you might be bored…  wanna see more pictures?  I have some from my previous lab positions – enjoy!

The team at OSU, circa ~ 2011.
My post-doc years were good to me – the Zlotnick lab from OUHSC, probably around 2004.
Fantastic group! The Department of Crystallography at OMRF, probably around 2000.
A very young Christina, stressed out over my HPLC elutions of DOPAC in Dr. Blank’s lab at OU.