BourneLab @OU

Our research interests

are in the relation of protein function to macromolecular structure.  We are integrating X-ray crystallography with microbiology and biochemistry to answer questions about toxin-antitoxin systems and other proteins, and their roles in bacterial physiology and adaptation.

Broader Impacts of the Bourne Lab @OU

We integrate our research, teaching and outreach missions by discovering and conveying impactful advances in the understanding of structural biology and its interactions with the biochemical world around us.

We are designing and integrating cutting edge education tools using Oculus technologies both on our campus and for mobile systems.

Want to help us build these products – we need you!  We are accepting students with a passion for communicating complex ideas using visual tools, especially those with computational insights.

Want to view our products? – We will come to you!  As these are built they will be available in the OU Emerging Technology labs, at our YouTube channel , and as downloadable apps (in progress).
Check out the lab YouTube channel for videos!

Trying your hand at cloning?  Check out a handy on-line tool for designing primers:  http://biotroll.com/